Law Abiding Citizen Poster Title

Two new posters have been released for this weekend’s Law Abiding Citizen. The film stars Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler as two men on the opposite sides of the law. The thriller is directed by F. Gary Gray, and features Butler as a man consumed by revenge after his wife and daughter are killed in their home. Fox stars as a district attorney who double crosses him, and ends up on his sh*t list.

Take a look at the latest posters for Law Abiding Citizen

I like these a lot better than the previous posters. These look a lot more professional in comparison, and the color isn’t so rigged. This may be a useless side note to some, but I always thought Gerard Butler’s eyes were blue, in his poster they appear to be a pissed off green. It creeps me out, but maybe that was the studio’s intention.

Law Abiding Citizen will hit theaters domestically on October 16th.

What do you think of the latest posters for Law Abiding Citizen?

Source: Empire