jerry bruckheimer shake

Super producer Jerry Bruckheimer has been working on a feature adaptation of the novel, Apaches for what seems like forever. According to Variety, there’s been movement on the film’s pre-production front, and two writers have been hired to pen the screenplay for the movie.

Apaches isn’t a drama centered on Native Americans, it’s about a group of retired New York City cops who form a renegade unit to bring down the most vicious criminals in Gotham. Sounds like geriatric, vigilante justice to me, so I’m all in. If there’s one thing I like its old people who just don’t give a damn. The film will be based on the book, which was written by Lorenzo Carcaterra who also wrote, Sleepers. The script for Apaches will be adapted by Sean O’Keefe and Will Staples, who beat out several major screenwriters for the gig.

After 12 years in development hell Bruckheimer has finally made an inch of progress with the film. My biggest concern is whether or not it will be based at Disney, since that’s Bruckheimer’s host studio.  I’m interested in finding out how dark this film will turn out when it’s all said and done.

What do you think of Jerry Bruckheimer adapting Apaches?