If you grew up in the nineties the official trailer for Toy Story 3 will have you crying like a baby. The highly anticipated sequel, does something that other animated features rarely do, it features characters who’ve aged in real time. The new trailer shows the transition of Andy from a little kid to a college age teen, with a new stage of his life on the horizon. With his pending adulthood what will happen to Woody, Buzz, Rex, and the rest of the gang?

Check out the latest trailer to find out…

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I have to admit, this is slightly depressing. I’m more than excited to see the film but it brings back so many memories from my own childhood. Obviously, the director Lee Unkrich wanted the film to appeal to new viewers as well as those of us who grew up with the original. The animation from Pixar gets better and better, and the detail put into the character design shows why their animation is unmatched.

Toy Story 3 will hit theaters on June 18, 2010, and will be featured in digital 3-D.

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