moses 20th century fox

Twentieth Century Fox is gearing up to tackle a story of epic proportions, according to Variety. The studio has decided to take on the Biblical tale of Moses, as in “Mr. let my people go.” The writing team behind the developing project, were previously hired to create a graphic novel style Moby Dick feature. So, what do they have in store for Moses?

According to the trade, the film will follow Moses”from his near death as an infant to his adoption into the Egyptian royal family, his defiance of the Pharaoh and deliverance of the Hebrews from enslavement.” The script will be written by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, with the intention on giving the film a Braveheart feel to it. The most well known cinematic take of the man’s life comes from the 1956 film, The Ten Commandments, which was directed by the legendary Cecil B. DeMille.

The Ten Commandments is actually one of my favorite films, and the story of Moses is inspiring and epic no matter what era it’s told in. As long as the studio maintains some legitimacy within the context of his story I don’t have a real problem with it. I think the biggest issue they may encounter is having an actor play Moses whose persona won’t overshadow the character. The reason Gerard Butler worked so well in 300, is because he was a relative unknown in the U.S.

Get a good script together, a believable lead actor, and Fox may be on to something.

What do you think of 20th Century Fox taking on the story of Moses?