angelina-jolie-replacing charlize theron

One Oscar winner has been swapped out for another, according Reuters. Charlize Theron was set to star opposite Sam Worthington in the action thriller, The Tourist but that is no longer the case. The actress has unexpectedly dropped out of the film, and sources are claiming that Angelina Jolie will step in as her replacement.

In The Tourist, the female character in question is described as “one-part seductress, one-part action.” The film is a remake of the French thriller Anthony Zimmer from 2005, and centers on an American tourist who goes undercover on behalf of Interpol to entrap a former lover suspected of being a global criminal. If that wasn’t enough drama for one movie, the director Bharat Nalluri has also left the project, but no replacement has been announced.

Jolie just came off of an action packed film shoot with the upcoming feature Salt, and once again she’ll take on a hard hitting role of a sexy ass-kicker. I’m all for strong female characters, but is she the only actress who can do this kind of work? I’d like to see another actress take a stab, kick or punch at it if you know what I mean.

What do you think of Jolie replacing Theron? What other actresses do you think can take on more action oriented roles?