Spider Man

Sam Raimi was pinned down by MTV and revealed that Spider-Man 4 will finally start shooting in early March of 2010. The fourth film in the franchise won’t hit theaters until 2011, but after so much talk of unsuccessful scribes and screenplays, many of you might have gotten a bit worried, but according to Raimi Gary Ross is working on a screenplay right now (as you read this).

Check out what else he said…

“He’s working on a draft. I just gave him some notes and he’s doing a rewrite right now.”

If you’re also wondering about what actors will be involved, Raimi says that he hasn’t started the casting process, but is starting to think of the possibilities. Mind you, Raimi has been busy with other things such as starting a new thriller label, Spooky Pictures, which will set out to create scary franchises for family-friendly audiences.

It does seem like a huge gap between 2007, when the last Spider-Man was released to 2011 for the next installment, but let’s be patient and trust Raimi will use this time wisely. Spider-Man 3 was visual poison, and as a director there’s a lot he needs to clean up, before the camera starts rolling on this one.

Are you excited for Spider-Man 4?