Parker Posey has recently joined the cast of Highland Park, in the role of Shirley Paine, the former Homecoming Queen and wheeling-and-dealing mayor of the town. The film is about a teacher who wins the lottery and then donates his newly received money to the high school’s library that was shut down due to insufficient funds.

Highland Park, also stars Danny Glover, and my guess is that he plays the teacher who wins the lottery. The film is being produced by the Bureau of Moving Pictures. Andrew Meieran and Christopher Keyser wrote the script, and Meieran is also the director and producer of this “dark comedy”.

Highland Park is not just for entertainment purposes, it will help raise awareness to support the reopening of Detroit’s McGregor Library, which was closed in 2002 for reasons similar to the movie’s. Meieran talked about the film and the inspiration behind it,

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to be a part of bringing jobs to Michigan and the revival of Highland Park and the McGregor Library…The efforts of Raleigh Michigan Studios to re-invigorate the local economies were one of the inspirations for the film.”

The idea behind the movie sounds interesting, even though there isn’t much information about the plot. Parker Posey tends to be pretty good at playing crazy, neurotic characters, and the description of  “dark comedy” is right up her alley. The fact that this movie is hoping to bring in some money for the people of Detroit and help open up a library there is pretty respectable.

What do you think?

Source: HollywoodReporter