Toy Story 3 - Poster Close Up

They’re here! A couple of new posters promoting next year’s Toy Story 3 have hit the net. They feature two of my favorite characters from the franchise, Rex and Hamm. Toy Story 3‘s marketing is just beginning, as the trailer for film is supposed to debut early next week, Monday to be exact. Until then take a look at some prehistoric, hammy action in the following photos.

Check out Rex and Hamm…

I don’t care if he’s an animated version of a toy, Rex is just too cute for words. Even as a kid he was my favorite character, he’s just so funny. We all know he got all the best jokes! If you look closely at his nose you can see little scratches, that show wear and tear from over the years. It’s a nice detailed touch they added, that will work well within the storyline of the new film because a lot of time has passed.

Toy Story 3 will hit theaters on June 18th, 2010, and it will be in digital 3-D.

Source: MySpace, /Film