Lionsgate and Sam Raimi‘s Ghost House Pictures have teamed up to release a new horror film, Burst 3D. In addition, Neil Marshall, writer and director of The Decent, has been chosen to direct the film. The movie is about a group of travelers who are stranded together during a blizzard, but an evil force is lurking and causing people to randomly explode. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

The screenplay will be written by Gary Dauberman, and will be produced by Raimi and Rob Tapert with Nathan Kahane.

Lionsgate executive, Mike Paseornek stated,

“We are thrilled to be working again with Neil Marshall, a modern master of horror, suspense and action. With Neil at the helm of ‘Burst 3D,’ horror fans are guaranteed one of the most terrifying and innovative experiences of their moviegoing lives.”

Ghost House Pictures partner Rob Tapert, said during the announcement,

“Mike Paseornek and the Lionsgate team are leaders in the horror space. This, along with the opportunity to work closely with Joe again, were motivating factors in our desire to partner with Lionsgate on ‘Burst 3D.’ We hope to continue the partnership with Lionsgate on other projects like this.”

This sounds like it could be a fairly intense horror flick. I am not terribly familiar with Neil Marshall’s films, but the concept for this sounds like fun. Expect a lot of gore, an okay plot, yet an overall entertaining film for all horror fans.

What do you think?

Source: ComingSoon