The most recent comic book to get the Hollywood treatment is Warren EllisGravel. Legendary Pictures is in the process of adapting the series into a film. Gravel is sort of a hybrid between the spy/espionage and dark fantasy genres. The series follows a British “combat magician” named William Gravel, on his various adventures.

Ellis will remain the creative force behind the project by writing the screenplay, and acting as the executive producer.

The author had this to say about Gravel,

“Every time the weird bastard steps into the daylight, people come out to see what he’s up to for some reason…It’s funny how a character created for a single story, Strange Kiss, has hung around. I’m creating a whole new mythology and Occult Cosmology for Gravel, the series. And also having some fun with The Sigsand Manuscript, the preferred Ancient Occult Text of Thomas Carnacki, the supernatural detective created by William Hope Hodgson.”

Normally comic-based movies aren’t really my cup of tea, but I like the fact that the creator is heavily involved with it. By the sound of the series, it seems like there’s a lot of material that Ellis can work into the adaptation. However, there is one thing that riddles me, what the heck is a combat magician? Does he magically disappear while he is in the middle of combat? That sounds kind of lame.

What do you think?

Source: FirstShowing