Rob Marshall‘s latest musical feature Nine, has been slated for a November 25th release for a while, but now that date has come into question. Over at Rope of Silicon, they’re stating that the film has been pushed back a month to Christmas Day. They supposedly got word directly from The Weinstein Co regarding the shift in the film’s schedule.

The new plan for Nine‘s schedule will include a limited run starting December 18th in New York and Los Angeles, and a national opening on December 25th. Some people consider this a bright move, because the Thanksgiving roster is currently filled with hefty competition including the Dimension Films release of The Road.

In my opinion this can turn out to be commercial suicide for Nine. Sure, they want to clear up the November rush of films, but are they forgetting the highly anticipated roster that’s already set for the Christmas holiday? We’re talking Warner Bros.’ Sherlock Holmes, Sony Picture Classics The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Fox’s Alvin in the Chipmunks sequel, and let’s not forget the debut of Avatar the prior week.

I don’t know where Nine will fit in amongst this crowd. Hopefully this is speculation, but if it’s not they have a lot more promotion to do before this film hits theaters.

Which film do you plan on seeing this December?