law abiding citizen clip

A new clip has been released from F.Gary Gray‘s upcoming thriller, Law Abiding Citizen. It stars Gerard Butler and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx as two men on the opposite sides of the law, who’ve both been corrupted by the legal system. In the following clip, we get to see Foxx and Butler going at it, and as usual I can’t help but hear someone’s Scottish accent vaguely making an appearance during the scene.

Take a look at an extended clip from Law Abiding Citizen

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Law Abiding Citizen centers on a man who turns into a vigilante when his families killers are set free after they cop a plea bargain. As you can see in this film, both of these characters aren’t as innocent as they appear to be. Foxx’s tailored suit can’t take away from his dirty dealings, and there’s only so far Butler can go with his sob story.

Law Abiding Citizen hits theaters on October 16th.

What do you think of this scene from Law Abiding Citizen?