Couples Retreat: The Whole Gang

This week the Bora Bora comedy, Couples Retreat with Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Malin Akerman, Kristin Davis, Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell, Faizon Love and Kali Hawk hits theaters. With so many comedians all jam packed into one film, I’m sure you’re all looking forward to seeing your favorite actor strut their stuff in a laugh out loud comedy. Sadly, it’s not that movie. This is definitely a film that was more fun to shoot than it was to watch.

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The Players:

The Plot:

One couple, obsessed with organization decides to call it quits, but not before giving it one last go at a “couple retreat.” The problem is, they can only afford the group rate. With a promise that it will be nothing from Pina Coladas and jet skis, even the reluctant couples decide to take the journey and all four couples set out to save or improve their relationships. They quickly realize that participation in the resort’s therapy sessions is not optional and at times can be dangerous. Let the comedy ensue!

The Good:

  • The Setting: They’re in Bora Bora… cool.
  • Jon Favreau: He played the only role that stood out in the film. One could argue that his character didn’t even fit into this movie, and I would say that’s a good thing. He seemed to be the only one having fun with his character not just the setting. He took some risks and his improv is as good as ever.
  • Good Times: The film looked like it was a blast to shot! Couple that with a great cast of friends and I’m sure they had a lot of fun, sadly the the result was anything but fun…

The Bad:

  • The Plot: Everything about the film seemed forced. Getting them too the Island takes so much unnecessary time. Why not just have four couples who are all in need of a break and then cut to Bora Bora? Do we really need to drag it out for twenty minutes? We all know they’re going! And once there, do they HAVE to all come together at the same time with cheesy monologues that seemingly take 10 hours?
  • The Dialogue: The words “forced,” “contrived,” “disingenuous,” and “unnecessary” all come to mind when I think about some of the dialogue in this film. Thank god there were a few moments where we got to see Faverau and Vaughn’s  good old witty improv routine because if not for that, there really wasn’t much there. Although if you really want to see them at their height, so rent Swingers.
  • Cheap Gags: I guess when you have nothing strong, you rely on penis jokes and PG-13 nudity. Neither of which were done well enough to work. They weren’t enough obscenities to get a Bruno or Hangover gasp and yet there were some scenes that were just over the top and far to long. A guy in a speedo is funny for about 30 seconds, not 5 minutes. They ended up with a very toned down feel, which made this a very middle of the road comedy. At times it almost felt as if they weren’t able to get out of the box so they were trying to pry it open.
  • Covering all the Characters: They seemed to concerned with making sure each character had a full dramatic art that the pacing of the film dragged on. Going back to the penis joke, couldn’t just ONE couple have that problem? Do we really have to see it with all four of them equally? EVERY time with EVERY joke?
  • The Ending: Where the hell did his wife show up from? “Oh, I heard that you were going to an Island at the saloon so I spent thousands of dollars and hung out with a bunch of kids in a bikini for 4 days until you found your way over.” WHAT?!? Come on, I’m one for letting things go for “movie magic” but that’s just plan old stupid.


I get that this wasn’t meant to be the best movie of the year, but it wasn’t even fun to watch. I’m so glad they had a fun time shooting it, but it’s not fun for the audience. That being said, there were people in the theater laughing, so maybe it’s just me! Just make sure you have a few strong drinks before going in and I’m sure it won’t be too bad.

Rating: 3/10

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