ryan reynolds replaces tom cruise in motorcade

Here’s a casting upgrade in terms of physicality. Over at FirstShowing they’re reporting that Tom Cruise will be replaced in the film Motorcade, by none other than Ryan Reynolds. Earlier this year, Cruise was interested in starring in the Len Wisemen action thriller, but now he’s a no go. Not only is Cruise no longer a part of the project, but Wiseman has been replaced as well.

Motorcade is an action flick about a disgraced Secret Service agent who “happens to be in the wrong place at the right time when the president’s motorcade is commandeered by terrorists in New York (it was originally set in Los Angeles).” Reynolds will play the agent originally set for Cruise, and Jon Cassar will replace Wiseman as the director. Cassar is best known for his work on the popular Fox drama 24.

DreamWorks is fast-tracking production on Motorcade for late summer, early fall 2010 but Reynolds has yet to officially sign on. Even though he is their key candidate for the lead role, he has a busy schedule to keep. The main reason Reynolds isn’t locked in may have something to do with the production of The Green Lantern movie that’s supposed to begin filming early next spring. What’s a man to do?

What do you think of Ryan Reynolds replacing Tom Cruise in Motorcade?