jamie foxx on mike tyson biopic

Jamie Foxx is no stranger to starring in films based on real people. His performance of the late Ray Charles is what earned him an Oscar for Best Actor in 2005. He also co-starred in the Michael Mann biopic Ali, which starred Will Smith as the legendary boxer. Foxx recently spoke to MTV about his participation in another film about a well known fighter, the controversial “Iron” Mike Tyson.

“Mike Tyson, heavyweight boxing champion of the world,” Foxx grinned when we caught up with him recently, giving us a lispy, high-pitched sneak peek at his next transformation. “Taylor Hackford, who also directed [the] Ray Charles [biopic], I think is my man. We have a certain kinship, and we’ve talked about when we do get back together what it would be like. I think, for something like this, it would be great because everybody remembers that era. And it’s been a long enough time that people need a refreshening.”

Foxx has made his interest in Tyson’s story known to the boxer himself on multiple occasions, and he wants to do the movie with his blessing.

“I’ve reached out to Mike, and I’ve been open about it,” Foxx said of his involvement as the untitled film’s producer and star. “I think that, of all the biopics that are out there, he has the most interesting story that no one has ever heard.”

Granted, Foxx can create the look and stature of Tyson with some serious gym training, but would he be able to pull off the 20 year old version of Mike who burst onto the scene in the eighties? For the most part my excitement comes from the thought of the actor reteaming with Taylor Hackford. Ray was a wonderfully done film, and if they can produce a Tyson film in that same spirit, they may be on to something.

What do you think about Jaimie Foxx playing Mike Tyson in a biopic?