henry selick leaves laika

Henry Selick, the man who brought us the dark animated feature Coraline, is packing up and leaving his filmmaking home Laika. According to Variety, the director has been with the Portland based studio for years, but with no future projects on the horizon he’s decided to jump ship.

After Coraline was released, Selick found himself at a crossroads with no future features in development. With his schedule indefinitely open, and his contract up for negotiation, he decided now would the right time to move on from Laika. There’s no bad blood between the two as the the company’s owner, Phil Knight had nothing but good things to say about Selick regarding his decision.

“We’re so proud of what the studio has achieved with Coraline. Henry’s skill and talent inspired a supremely gifted company of artists, and his contributions are deeply appreciated.”

Selick’s directing credits include The Nightmare Before Christmas, and certain segments of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. Some people speculate that the director became restless in his position without a new project to occupy his time. Whatever the reason, I doubt Selick will have a problem finding another animated feature to work on, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a legendary film for people in my generation, and Coraline exceeded expectations when it was released earlier this year. Something tells me he’ll find work soon enough.

What do you think of Henry Selick’s decision to leave Laika?