voltron uta

Since there have been so many Transformers announcements recently, it only make sense for Voltron to get in on some of that action. According to THR, the United Talent Agency has decided to take on Voltron and its U.S. rights-holder World Events Prods. as clients.

According to the trade, UTA plans on expanding on all the Voltron franchise possibilities, including a reboot of the animated TV show. High on the agency’s list of priorities is closing a deal on an animated cable series, which is expected to be imminent. Video game and toy deals also are on the docket. As for the feature film, UTA will help bring a writer on board to pen the script that’s currently being developed at Charles Roven’s Atlas Entertainment.

Even though the property will obviously get a marketing push from its Transformers similarities, UTA is pitching it as a human based robot alternative. “Unlike other toy brands, Voltron — in which five robot lions piloted by humans become a giant warrior — allows for human-centric stories.”

That used to be a valid difference between the two properties, but Transformers has become a lot more Sam and Mikaela-centric. The film doesn’t center on the robots as much as the senseless human characters that surround them. They may have to find another way to differentiate the two.

What do you think of UTA taking on Voltron? Do you think it can compete with Transformers?