sharon stone to play chris evans pimp?

If anyone can play a lady of the night it’s Sharon Stone, but for her next role she won’t be the one objectifying her body. According to Empire, the actress will co-star in a film with Chris Evans about a young man who gets involved in the prostitution business. The film is entitled, Satisfaction (isn’t that fitting?) and it’s a dramatic piece about a May-December romance, with a side of illicit sexual behavior on the side.

Stone recently talked about her role in Satisfaction in an interview with Prestige Magazine. The story of the film centers on a gigolo who falls in love with an older woman, while clashing with his agency. Here’s what the actress had to say about the film.

“You think they have legitimately fallen in love, by his behavior and her behavior,” Stone told Prestige, “until the call-out service starts sending him out again while he’s with her. He starts trying to break her down. And it’s incredible what they do together: a very, very fascinating journey.”

The film will be directed by Anya Camilleri, and will begin shooting in London and Rome starting this January. There are so many male prostitute movies that have been made over the past 40 years, I wonder what will make this one different? It will be great to see Evans in a hardcore drama, without the comfort of comedy to fall back on. He has done a few serious films during his career, but those movies don’t get nearly as much press as something like the Fantastic Four.

What do you think of Sharon Stone playing Chris Evans customer in Satisfaction?