robert pattinson documentary robsessed

At the tender age of 23, Robert Pattinson seems to already have a career worthy of a documentary film. Let me clarify that, the people over at the U.K. distributing company Revolver seem to think he has a career that’s worthy of one. According to Screendaily, the company is looking to produce a film based on the rise of the Twilight phenomenon via its leading man, Pattinson. The film will be entitled Robsessed, which is the name used to describe fans who are infatuated with the actor.

The chief executive of Revolver, Justin Marciano thinks that Robsessed will serve as a valid form of entertainment for Pattinson fans and foes alike.

“Teenagers just can’t get enough of Robert Pattinson and this broadcast quality biography is guaranteed to deliver whether on TV or home entertainment.”

Revolver plans on releasing a box set with the documentary that will also feature Pattinson’s 2006 film, The Haunted Airman. Conveniently, the company owns rights to both films, so they can package them together to maximize profits.

This documentary is the equivalent to those “Life Story” books I always see at the grocery store. They’re never centered on people who’ve had long careers, it’s always the flavor of the week. I’ve seen one of Robert, Miley Cyrus, and even the Strauss twins. What’s their life going to include besides the trials and tribulations of puberty?

Are you interested in the Robsessed documentary? Would you buy the box set?