A forgotten summer comedy hits shelves this week with the release of Year One on DVD.  Joining it is the classic 90s series “Ally McBeal” and a brand new edition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

All that, plus more TV on DVD and the three worst DVDs of the week.

Check it all out below…


Year One

Every year there’s that summer movie.  It doesn’t quite bomb, it doesn’t quite hit, it just kind of comes out and then leaves.  And nobody remembers it existed.

This year, Year One earns that dubious honor. It’s amazing to think that it would happen to such a film, what with the star power of Jack Black and Michael Cera. Chances are that if you see this title at the top of the DVD releases you’ll say “Ohhhh yeah,” in an indifferent rememberance of a film that once dominated every single commercial break with Michael Cera’s lamentations about no berries in the fruit salad.

Yes, despite your memory, this movie did come out this summer and now, a mere three months later, you can buy it on unrated DVD.



“Ally McBeal” – Complete Series

Another trip down memory lane. Remember this show? Remember the turn of the century when this had more buzz than a hornet’s nest? When putting a dancing baby on TV seemed amazing and edgy?

Yes, it’s Ally McBeal, searchin’ her soul and bringing Calista Flockhart into the zeitgeist. Making lawyers seem fun and biological clocks something about which to obsess more than anything in the world. Also, it’s a place to see stars like Jane Krakowski and Robert Downey, Jr. in some of their more transitional phases.

Yes, at long last, the every episode of Ally McBeal is available in one 32-disc set.  Let the 90s nostalgia begin.


  • “Bones”: Season 4 – Buy Now
  • “Get Smart”: Season 4 – Buy Now
  • “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”: Season 5 – Buy Now
  • “Medium”: Season 1 – Buy Now
  • “Nip/Tuck”: Season 5, Part 2 – Buy Now
  • “Red Dwarf”: Season 9 – Buy Now


SnowWhiteALP10-5-09Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Diamond Collection

The first feature-length animated film is coming out of the “Disney Vault” for a few weeks again today, with a bunch of brand new features.  The following are the extras you couldn’t get on the 1500 previous DVD editions.

• Hyperion Studios – Audiences are digitally transported to 1937 to discover first-hand the Hyperion Studios, the original studio Walt Disney himself built and where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was conceived and developed. Viewers will virtually walk the halls of this historic landmark experiencing life at Hyperion Studios back in the 1930′s. This amazing “Backstage Disney” feature contains newly dimensionalized archival photos, animator recordings, archival transcripts and rare footage of Walt himself revealing how Disney’s gifted filmmakers crafted the very first animated feature.

• Magic Mirror – Using the latest in Blu-ray technology, the iconic Magic Mirror guides the audience through the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition features with ease serving as the “host” for an incredibly immersive experience. The Mirror will recognize viewing patterns, knows where the audience has left off and will even suggest where to navigate next. This marks the first use of artificial intelligence in a Disney Blu-ray release and provides viewers the control to personally create a customized Snow White experience.

• DisneyView – Disney’s pioneering animated feature is brought to the modern era of widescreen high definition viewing by allowing the user to expand their viewing experience beyond the original aspect ratio of the film. Utilizing Disney Blu-ray™ technology, acclaimed Disney artist Toby Bluth was able to ‘draw’ beyond the borders of classic full frame cinema and fill the otherwise dark edges of the screen with beautiful custom imagery, giving audiences a new view of their animated classic favorite.

• About Toby Bluth – Disney artist Toby Bluth tells how the movie inspired him to create the superb DisneyView art.

• Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – Through BD-Live, this mirror can find the secret princess inside each viewer with a series of questions, then create for them a personal message from their favorite princess who will call them on the telephone.

• What Do You See? – To win this exciting interactive game, players must untangle scrambled images.

• Jewel Jumble – Players put jewels from the Dwarfs’ mine in the proper order to win this game.

• Scene Stealer – Allows viewers to upload a personal photo and experience life as one of the Seven Dwarfs—on-screen in the actual film.

Plus, you can get it in a lovely plush carrying case when you buy this DVD set.  How exciting!

  • Chinatown: Centennial EditionBuy Now

Horrible Straight-To-DVD Release of the Week

Three terrible movies, three new DVDs. Which is the worst? Cast your vote and tell the world!

The nominees are:


The Case to Vote for It: Okay, the cover for this movie features a massive Sasquatch listening to an iPod.  Exactly what is he listening to on that iPod?  And how did they find a headphone cord big enough to stretch around his bulbous mellon.  More importantly, how can we describe this movie as anything other than a crappier version of Harry and the Hendersons?

DarkCountry10-5-09Dark Country

The Case to Vote for It: This is the directorial debut of Thomas Jane.  As in the guy from “Hung” and the really bad “Punisher” remake.  Now he spins the tale of a couple driving across the Nevada desert who try to save a man by the side of the road.  Surprise, surprise, that turns out to be a terrible mistake as the man forces them to do terrible things.  Reaffirming the fact that it’s never a good idea to help anybody.

TheSeamstressALP10-5-09The Seamstress

The Case to Vote for It: The tagline for this movie?  “A Million Ways to Die. . .This is the Worse.”  Meaning. . .Wait for it, Wait for it. . . Death by wathcing The Seamstress?

So Which is the Worst of the Week?

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