Yesterday, when the SCREAM Awards announced that both the Twilight and True Blood cast were going to make appearances to show clips (and look sexy), I couldn’t help but wonder, which vampire series was more powerful and more to the point, which vampire was more hard-core?

As we know, neither Stephen Moyer‘s character Bill Compton nor Robert Pattinson‘s character Edward Cullen are necessarily the strongest in their own series, BUT, both represent a similar vampire; one who is an outcast of his own kind, dark haired (apparently it’s the blond vampires you have to look out for), falls in love with a mortal and spends most of his time protecting said mortal.

So did Sookie or Bella make the right vampire choice? If it came down to it…

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The biggest difference between them that I can see is that one can swear and show full nudity, while the other one shines and doesn’t bite anyone. I’m siding with Bill.

But that’s just me! Support your favorite vampire and tell us why they could kick the other ones ass!

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