Centurion - War Photo

Where has all the promotion for this movie gone? Over at Empire they’ve posted two new photos from the Neil Marshall film, Centurion. They appear in the latest issue of the magazine, that features Sam Worthington on the cover as Perseus from Clash of the Titans. The film has Gladiator and 300 written all over it, and with a cast led by Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds), what’s not to love?

Check out two photos from Centurion

The look of this film is visually interesting. The whole blue and gray composition reminds me of a few scenes from Gladiator near the beginning, when Maximus is talking to his men.

The movie speculates on the fate of Rome’s reputedly ‘lost’ Ninth Legion*, who in this take are north of Hadrian’s Wall, engaged in a bloody battle and facing a bit of trouble getting out of hostile Pict country.

The director describes Centurion as a western due to the parallels between this story and another major event in American history.”The Picts are like the Indians and our Romans are like the cavalry. So, a Scottish-Roman Western! Who’d have thought?!”

Centurion will hit theaters sometime next year, but no specific U.S. date has been set.

What do you think about the photos from the film?