If this clip shows anything, it’s how putting together a movie is all about having a great team of people. Even when you have someone like Wes Anderson at the helm it’s never any one person who makes a movie good or bad, it’s of combination of everyone involved. With a stop-frame animation, there’s a lot of down time. Thanks to technology, Anderson was rarely on set for his latest film The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but always involved. He was able to run more than 30 stages at once from a different locations all thanks to the Internet.

The new featurette is on the making of of the film and titled “Cutting Edge” and you see the absence of Anderson on set as well as the in-depth, day to day process that the cinematographer, producers, artists, and stop-frame animators all took part in.

Check out the video below…

Pretty interesting how everything is Anderson, without Anderson being there. I don’t see how anyone could have the patience to take 5,229 shots and 621,450 frames, only moving fractions of an inch between each take.

It’s beyond me and yet yet has my full respect. Well done team!

Would you ever have the patience to make something like this? And what do you think about directors not needing to be on set the whole time? Will we be seeing more and more of this as use of different types of animation continues to grow?