A video clip has been released from Vincent Natali‘s upcoming science fiction film, Splice. The film features Oscar winner Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley as two rebellious scientists who cross the lines of ethics and genetics with their experiments. They splice together human and animal DNA to form a hybrid creature, that grows from a deformed infant to a winged human chimera named Dren.

Take a look at Dren’s humble beginnings in this clip…

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An official release date hasn’t been set for Splice in the U.S., which means it could be making its way to you via On Demand or DVD. The film looks like a throw back to the old school sci-fi thrillers of the seventies. The creature Dren, reminds me of the deformed infant from the David Lynch film, Eraserhead. It had the same face and the elongated neck to match.

Whenever a movie centers on human/animal/insect cross breeding there’s always trouble. Have we learned nothing from The Fly?

What do you think about the first clip from Splice?