Nine - Penelope Cruz Longs for More

The Rob Marshall adaptation of Nine will be at a theater near you starting November 25th, and the studio has been marketing the film like crazy. Two new photos from the musical have been released, and they feature Oscar winners Daniel Day-Lewis and Penelope Cruz. After taking a good look at both images, they have to be two of the most depressing photos I’ve ever seen. I know the film is about the highs and the lows of show business, but yeesh!

Take a look at Daniel and Penelope in Nine

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As you can see the sadness ensues. These are two of the most self-reflexive photos I’ve ever seen from the movie. Do we even need to discuss the composition of both images? The lighting is amazing, and really sets the mood for whatever the hell’s going with both characters. I smell another Oscar. Darn you Rob Marshall for your ability to produce high quality musicals!

What do you think of the latest photos from Nine?

Source: Rope of Silicon