New Moon - The Cullens Close Up

It’s almost here. Now that October is upon us that means next month The Twilight Saga: New Moon will debut in theaters to a slew of raging teenage fans. In the latest issue of Empire Magazine, they have a few exclusive updates regarding the film from the director himself, Chris Weitz. On their website they put up some of his comments regarding the heightened struggle between vampires and werewolves that will be featured in the sequel.

“You’ve got the werewolves coming in,” said Weitz, “and the effects are going to be great on that part of the movie. Also, there’s more fighting and that should appeal to the boys. There is also a male character, Jacob, who is inherently a more viable character for most boys because he’s like an ordinary guy. He works on cars, whereas Edward is a perfect man, and maybe he only appeals to perfect men. That makes the demographic rather small! So there’s more of a way into this one – we do hope to up the male demographic!”

Something tells me that Twilight‘s general audience will stay lady-centric, but nice try Chris. On the other hand, Taylor Lautner who portrays Jacob in the film talks about the physical and mental transformation his character has undergone in the past year.

“In Twilight, Jacob is this happy-go-lucky kid, but in New Moon when he shapeshifts into his wolf self, he becomes a totally different person. It was almost a split personality in the same movie and sometimes even in the same day.”

With the exception of the shapeshifting stuff, he just described the process of puberty that everyone goes through. Everyone has that time during adolescence where they take a emo-goth break. To read more from the cast and crew of the film you’ll have to pick up the latest issue of Empire in stores.

What do you think about the latest on New Moon?