syfy's the phantom trailer

A while ago we reported that there would be another film adaptation of the old school comic character, The Phantom. In this case it will premiere as a miniseries on the SyFy channel and won’t have Billy Zane as the star. RHI Entertainment has released a trailer for the movie, and it’s interesting to say the least.

Take a look at SyFy’s version of The Phantom

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The Phantom stars Ryan Carnes as the mystical superhero, who’s been updated for a new generation. As you can see from the trailer, he’s got more of an urban appeal. The movie will premiere on SyFy sometime next year.

They’ve obviously made some changes to the original Phantom costume. It looks like a purple version of the Green Arrow suit on Smallville, except he doesn’t have a hood. Also, am I the only person who had a flashback to the first X-Men movie at the 1:37 minute mark? That slow motion kick was an exact replica of the one Mystique laid Wolverine out with.

What do you think of the trailer for SyFy’s The Phantom? Will you watch it?