sam raimi

If you thought Drag Me to Hell was a great horror film, get a load of this — Variety is reporting that Sam Raimi, the same guy who brought you the Evil Dead franchise, will spin a new horror banner out of the pre-existing Ghost House label entitled, Spooky Pictures.

Raimi will try to create a new thriller franchise for family-friendly audiences — first on his list is a remake of the Danish flick The Substitute. This film will be helmed by none other than Scott Derrickson, the director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Compared to The Exorcist, Derrickson’s film falls short, and it’s definitely not family friendly. But we should give The Substitute a chance, we owe it to Raimi for bringing us so many cult classics over the years.

The idea behind this “family-friendly” franchise is to get kids, and teens to watch PG horror. Think about it, aren’t some of those PG films — Return of OZ (I’m talking to you) — way scarier than all those Saw films? If you’re a horror film junkie, you know this is good news.

What do you think about Sam Raimi’s latest horror endeavor?