nicolas cage out of john carpenters riot?

Over the past year, we’ve heard bits and pieces about director John Carpenter‘s upcoming project, Riot. When the film was first announced it was under the working title Scared Straight, which was based off the 1970′s documentary of the same name. Nicolas Cage has long been attached to star as the film’s lead, in the role of a prisoner turned anti-hero.

I recently spoke to the executive producer of the Riot Katie Chonacas, and she told me that Cage’s involvement isn’t set in stone, and from the looks of it he might drop out of the film all together.

The story of Riot will center on the participants of a crime prevention program called “Scared Straight.” The governor’s delinquent son is sent to the program for a short period of time to teach him a lesson. However, while behind bars, the kid is taken hostage during a riot, forcing a lifer (Cage) to come to his aid.

Nicolas Cage has been picking up new film projects left and right, even turning down a few in the process (remember Green Hornet?), so I asked the executive producer for an update on his status with Riot. Here’s what Chonacas had to say:

I don’t think it’s happening anymore. We got Nic Cage to do a two picture deal, and the two picture deal was with Riot however he has the option to exchange it with another film. I’m not sure what movie it will be, but it will probably be another film. But, yeah we got John Carpenter for the deal, it was Nic Cage and John Carpenter and now it might not happen.

After that revelation, I went on to ask her if Cage officially leaves, will Carpenter stay on?

I don’t know. I’m not sure, probably not.

So, will Riot ever happen? The status of the film has been left unclear, and from the sound of things Cage’s involvement will be short lived. I wasn’t too keen on the Scared Straight premise at first, but the film grew on me. There was an opportunity to see some vintage Con-Air Nic Cage with this movie.

Stay tuned for more updates, because we have a full feature with actor-producer Katie Chonacas coming soon!

What do you think about Cage leaving Riot? Do you think John Carpenter will follow?