david goyer talks ghost rider 2

Last week it was announced that Sony would be moving forward with a sequel to 2007′s Ghost Rider, and the story would be based on a script that David S. Goyer wrote 2 years ago. With that in mind, the people over at Collider spoke to both Goyer and Brannon Braga and discussed the status of the upcoming film.

The first thing that caught my eye from the interview was the fact that the script for the film will be a lot older than we thought.

“I wrote a script for that about 9 years ago. Sony decided and the producers that they wanted to make that as the sequel script. In this case I’m coming on as a producer, and we’re basically just doing a polish. There’s not as much work involved.”

He intended for the script to be directed by Stephen Norrington years ago before Mark Steven Johnson came on board to direct the first film. He assures us that even though the script is old, it only needs a few changes here and there in terms of content. The original would be considered a “hard R” and Sony wants it to be PG-13, so he’ll have to make the necessary adjustments.

“It was a Blade-type film. Now they want it to be PG-13. But… The Dark Knight has come out and I like to say that it was skirting the bleeding edge of PG-13, so people’s concepts of what a PG-13 movie could be [have changed].”

The first Ghost Rider was mediocre at best, so there’s definitely room for improvement. The question is does anyone care enough to go see another one? The comic has a die hard cult fan base, but they might have gotten scorned the first time around and decide not to return.

Do you plan on seeing the Ghost Rider sequel?

Additional Source: Cinemablend