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Grab the nearest thing to you that could be considered a weapon and come on down to Zombieland, where you get points for the most creative way to kill a zombie! Actually, leave the weapons at home, Ruben Fleischer’s film will supply you with all the comedic violence you’ll need. If you loved Drag Me to Hell you’ll be glad to see that there is another movie out there for you to laugh at cringe all at the same time.

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The Players:

The Plot:

In a world overrun by zombie, few remain. In order to survive the zombie-apocolypse you must have a special trait. Columbus (Eisenberg) is scared of everything, and his shut in behavior has allowed him to avoid zombies much like he used to avoid humans. Thanks to his list of rules, he’s managed to stay alive and keep a normal regime. Tallahassee (Harrelson) has survived by simply being the best damn, gun-totting, banjo wheeling, zombie-killer alive who is on a mission for a Twinkie. On their way to find Columbus’ family, they are joined by two sneaky sisters, Wichita and Little Rock, who have their own ways of getting that they want.

The Good:

  • The Rules: Finally, they come up with an idea that makes sense and use it to their advantage throughout the entire film. Columbus’ rules start off the film, and set the tone for what we’re about to see, and then every time they pop up in the film, it’s like a cherry on top of a perfect sundae.
  • Fresh Take on an Old Idea: Everyone seems to be coming out with a vampire, zombie, or apocalyptic movie, and somehow they all seem to mush together in your head to form one pointless vampire-ridden-zombie-wave that crashes over the earth. Nothing about this film felt forced or recycled. Everything from the way the film was shot to their jovial tone gave the film a much needed edge that allows it stand out in a the sea of post-apocalyptic nonsense.
  • The Comedic Violence: I can’t watch violent slasher films, but I love some good good ol’ fashioned violence that makes you laugh and this film capitalizes on that. Not only did they come up with a new way to show the violence (super slow-mo, with voice-over) but it’s done in a way that is absolutely hilarious so that you will be laughing and repulsed all at the same time
  • Acting: Although I don’t think any of the actors had to push themselves too far, every single one of them put in a great performance. All four seemed to have different approaches to comedy and yet they all worked together brilliantly.
  • The References: From Russel Crowe to Twinkies, every time they throw out a reference it lands hard. Which leads me to…
  • The SECRET CAMEO: No I won’t reveal it. They’ve kept it hidden and for good reason, it’s amazing and if you’re not laughing your ass off your heart must me made of stone.
  • FUN: The bottom line is that this film is a blast to watch. Much like how I felt after Drag Me to Hell, this is a film that was made for an audience to enjoy.

The Bad:

  • Honestly I got nothing… This is not the type of movie you pick apart, it’s the type where you buy yourself some popcorn, lean back and enjoy the ride.


Great film! Fun to watch, well put together, overall one of the best comedies I’ve seen all year.

Rating: 9.5/10

Check out the film in theaters October 2nd!


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