Are you ready for some real girl power!?! Based off all those hard-ass, sexy chicks out there who dress in fish-nets, give themselves bad-ass names like “Babe Ruthless” and beat each other up, comes Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut Whip It! If you’re one of those girls out there who never could relate to the Sex in the City gang because instead of shoe shopping you’d rather be playing capture the flag, hiking, or wrestling the boys, than this is the film for you. Packed with estrogen, it’s the most bad-ass chick-flick you’ll see all year.

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The Players:

The Plot:

What is an indie-rocker whose parents are obsessed with beauty pageants supposed to do in Bodeen, Texas? Join a roller derby league in Austin and make your dreams come true!

The Good:

  • Ellen Page: So much more kick-ass than I ever expected. After the trailer, I thought that this role was similar enough that she was going to go back to her Juno personality (which everyone was just saying was her), but she created an entirely new character and yet again comes across completely naturally. She’s a very different character from the film before and it appears as if she’s just being her. See’s able to bring her characters to life so effortlessly that I think that only now people can really appreciate what she did with “Juno.”
  • Alia Shawkat: While everyone is yet again kneeling before Page, Shawkat stole the show for me. She was hilarious, absolutely charming and every single time she was on screen I was interested in seeing where her story was going next. She might not have been one of the hot babes in fish-nets but she definitely gave meaning to the phrase “girl power.” Someone cast her in some more stuff! I want to see more of her!
  • The Score: The use of music really helped keep the energy up in a film that needed it in order to keep the ball rolling. Without so many energizing songs, the film could have lost it’s edge.
  • Drew Barrymore (director): All the amazing performances all come back to a good actress behind the camera. She obviously knew from experience how to give a helping hand. Although the film is not without it’s faults, she does a great job for her first time BEHIND the camera. The story had depth, the characters were layered, I was entertained throughout the whole movie, the action scenes were fun, the shots were simple but well put together, and overall the story had a fun narrative. It made me interested to see what she will do next. Sadly, we’re getting into a some of the films faults as well..

The Bad:

  • Drew Barrymore (Actress): She’s a solid actress, but maybe it wasn’t a good call for her to act in the first movie she directed. She had one of the weakest performances of the bunch, which was a real let down knowing what she’s capable of.
  • The Script: Not as bad as some, in fact, some of it was quite good, but it just wasn’t as tight as it needed to be. There were just little things here and there which were hard to ignore.
  • The Last Action Sequence: The build up was exciting but didn’t necessarily make sense. I appreciate that she broke the mold in a lot of ways, but at times I was confused about who was leading and what was going on.


The film does have a few problems, but overall it was a fun ride with a lot of great performances. Well worth a trip to the theaters (possibly with a double feature including Zombieland).

Rating: 7.5/10


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