fey carell date night

Over at USAToday they’ve posted the first image from the highly anticipated Shawn Levy comedy, Date Night. The cast is filled to the brim with talent that’s led by NBC comedy all stars Steve Carell and Tina Fey. The film centers on a married couple whose lives end up in danger during one of their routine “date nights.”

Take a look at the first photo of the happy couple…

Date Night Tina Fey and Steve Carell

Date Night co-stars Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Taraji P. Henson, Kristen Wiig, Leighton Meester, and Common, which makes the film a huge ensemble piece. According to Fey, her and Carell’s characters are a normal couple put in an extraordinary situation thanks to the unintentional influence of their friends.

“They are a very normal couple with two kids who are sort of worn down by the exhaustiveness of their life and are jolted by the fact that a couple they know, good friends of theirs (Ruffalo and Wiig) who seemed to be fine, are now getting divorced. It prompted them to have this evening out.”

During this evening, the unsuspecting duo find themselves at the center of a botched robbery, and all hell breaks loose. Date Night is scheduled for release on April 9th, 2010. Fey and Carell going head to head in a comedy is the match up I think a lot of people have been waiting to see.

What do you think of the first photo from Date Night?