While Sylvester Stallone has been working hard writing and directing blockbuster action films like The Expendables and gearing up for the fifth installment of the Rambo franchise, Stallone isn’t ready to take a break from the action world anytime soon. Stallone is already thinking toward the future; and while a movie based on Edgar Allan Poe’s life isn’t news, recently Stallone expressed interest in remaking the 1970s action-crime-drama film Death Wish.

I’m thinking about it, says Stallone. It’s a classic morality tale, where you take a civilized man and take away everything that matters to him so he becomes primitive again.

Some will notice the thematic similarities between John Rambo and the vigilante known as Paul Kersey, but the idea is very much in the beginning stages.

The stories been done many times, and when its done well its an emotionally engaging film. The trouble with remakes is that people fall in love with the original. It’s like peanut butter. If you try to change the taste of peanut butter, you are in trouble.

Apart from wanting to remake Death Wish, Stallone still expresses interest to this day in working on an Edgar Allan Poe biopic, a departure from what he’s most known for.

Another project that was brought up was a sequel to Cliffhanger, which is likely to be Stallone-less.

I hear they are going to remake it. You know you’ve been around when they start to remake your own movies when you’re still alive.

What would you think of Stallone being involved with a remake of Death wish?

Source: Empire Online