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Golden Globe winner James Franco has signed on to star in the ABC soap opera General Hospital. As a veteran soap watcher, I know where to get the truth about castings, and this story is 100 percent accurate. According to Soapcentral, the actor will have a lengthy stint on the drama during their November sweeps period.

General Hospital‘s executive producer Jill Farren Phelps released the following statement regarding Franco’s appearance.

“We are thrilled to announce that James Franco will play an integral part in a lengthy run on General Hospital this fall. It’s an honor that an actor of James’ caliber would choose to spend some of his valuable time in Port Charles.”

Here’s another kicker that’s sure to throw you for a loop: Franco approached the soap for the acting gig, not the other way around. Not much is known about his character, but he’s being described as a “mystery person,” who will interact with everyone on the show’s canvas. His story arc begins November 20th, and is expected to last for two months.

Some people are trying to figure out why Franco would go from an A-list film career to a supporting role on a soap? Don’t get me wrong, plenty of notable actors got their start in the genre. General Hospital specifically kicked off the careers of Demi Moore, Ricky Martin, Amber Tamblin, and Eva Longoria. But at the time, they were all novices not established stars.

Here’s what Franco will be in for when he joins the cast of General Hospital.

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