the a-team 2

A few weeks ago, several websites posted a photo of the van from the upcoming Joe Carnahan production of The A-Team. That may have excited some of you, but here at ScreenCrave, we wanted to bring out the big guns. How about a photo of the actual cast in full costume and in character? That’s right, over at ComingSoon they posted a behind the scenes photo of Faceman, Hannibal, Murdoch, and B.A. Baracus on the set of the film.

Take a look at the full sized photo of The A-Team

the a-team

I am pleasantly surprised by this photo. In the beginning stages of the film’s development I was very skeptical, but this could actually work. Liam Neeson has Hannibal’s gray hair, and Sharlto Copley looks like a spitting image of Dwight Schultz’ Murdoch, he’s even got the hat! Bradley Cooper and Rampage Jackson also bring the old school look of Faceman and Baracus to life.

My only concern is Copley’s ability to do an American accent and do it well. From the looks of it he has the spirit of the character down, but we need his voice to follow suit. I can’t wait until the trailer is released, the original theme music needs to make an appearance somewhere in this film.

What do you think of the first cast photo from the A-Team?