inception imax release

Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming sc-fi thriller Inception already has so much riding on it, that the film’s latest development doesn’t come as a surprise. According to IGN, Warner Bros. has announced that Inception will debut in IMAX on July 16, 2010 alongside its conventional theatrical release. This marks the third film that Nolan has premiered in IMAX, the last being the comic blockbuster, The Dark Knight.

The studio has high hopes for the release of the film, suggesting that it could possibly top the Dark Knight‘s stint at IMAX venues.

“Chris Nolan and IMAX have proven to be ideally suited to each other, and we’re very excited to bring them back together again for Inception,” said Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. Picture’s president of domestic distribution. “With the rapidly growing IMAX network, our IMAX audience base for this release will be significantly larger than it was for The Dark Knight, which will add to the film’s event status.”

This would be amazing news, if it weren’t for the fact that Inception isn’t being shot with IMAX cameras. TDK on there other hand was partially filmed using the technology and it looked great. Inception is still currently in production, and has been using traditional 35mm cameras, so they’ll have to do some upgrading with the footage to fit the screen.

Are you interested in seeing Inception in IMAX theaters?