Sesame Street Does Mad Men

Here at ScreenCrave, our priority is film, but every once in a while something crazy catches our eye from the realm of television and this is one of those times. We all know that AMC has a bonafide hit on their hands with the critically acclaimed drama Mad Men, but what does Sesame Street have to say about it? That’s right, the children’s program is celebrating their 40th anniversary and they decided to do a puppet parody of Don Draper and his crew of ad execs.

Take a look at the odd and slightly inappropriate Sesame Street version of Mad Men

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If you’re a fan of the show I’m assuming you get some of the underlying jokes in this skit, but what audience are they targeting here? The last time I checked the demographic for Sesame Street consisted of elementary school children so what’s Mad Men doing on their website? And after four decades why haven’t I or anyone else I know been able to get to Sesame Street? There are so many questions and not enough answers!

What do you think of the Sesame Street Mad Men parody?