lauren conrad la candy movie

My stomach is turning as I write this article due to its touchy subject matter. If you’re one of the many young women who follow the MTV phenomenon The Hills, you’re familiar with its former star Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad. The TV personality recently left the show in pursuit of a real career, which she jump started with the release of her book “L.A. Candy.” According to Variety, the novel is being turned into a feature film, with the help of a couple of vampire producers.

According to the trade, Temple Hill Entertainment have acquired the film rights to “L.A. Candy,” the bestselling novel debut by Conrad. Temple Hill will partner with Twilight collaborators Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey to produce the film. Conrad has plans to write two more books in the “L.A. Candy” series that will continue to center on the life of protagonist, Jane Roberts.

The story from Candy is fictional even though it closely mirrors the life of its author. It centers on “a 19-year-old who moves to Hollywood, quickly finds fame as a reality series star and then has to deal with the ramifications of living a fishbowl life.” If that description doesn’t dictate the first season of The Hills, I don’t know what does.

Why am I not surprise that Twilight is involved with this movie in some way? Wherever there’s youth and disposable income someone from that vampire teen machine isn’t too far behind.

What do you think about L.A. Candy becoming a film? Do you watch MTV’s The Hills?