steven soderbergh knockout

Steven Soderbergh is developing a kick-ass film entitled, Knockout that will star fighter turned actor Gina Carano. The director recently spoke to Empire about his vision for the top secret project that’s had Hollywood buzzing for the past month. From what we can tell, Knockout is a spy thriller about a girl with some serious martial arts skills who uses them to fight corrupt forces.

When Soderbergh first cast Carano as the lead in the film, many people were surprised that he went with a professionally trained fighter as opposed to a professional actor.

“I felt, somebody is going to look at her and go, ‘She should be in a movie!’ And I felt like, Why shouldn’t I be the person saying that? If you start following the female mma fighters, Gina pops out pretty noticeably.”

Carano has made a few appearances on television with stints on NBC’s American Gladiators, the Showtime documentary, Ring Girls, and the Michael Jai White film, Blood and Bone. We’ve seen action films with strong female leads in the past, but Soderbergh plans on raising the bar with Knockout.

“I’d been wanting to make a spy action film for a while, but hadn’t really determined what I was going to bring to it that would distinguish it from the traditional approach. My desire is for it to be a very realistic portrayal of somebody who gets hired, as these people do, by the government, to go and perform certain duties that it would be inappropriate to give to the military,” says Soderbergh. “That could be anything from a hostage-grab to surveillance to an actual killing…”

The screenplay for the film is currently being written by Lem Dobbs, who previously worked on The Limey and Kafka.

Plot details are scarce, but Soderbergh did state that the film is “a combination of a Bond movie and Point Blank”, though, “more on the scale of From Russian With Love than, you know, Quantum Of Solace… Something where the characters and the story are as prominent as the action stuff.”

Production on Knockout is slated to begin sometime next February.

What do you think of Soderbergh’s description of Knockout? Are you interested in the film?