sam worthington empire cover 1

The Louis Leterrier remake of the campy eighties epic Clash of the Titans is scheduled to hit theaters on March 26th of next year, but it’s already landed the cover of Empire Magazine. Sam Worthington takes a stand as the film’s hero Perseus, one of the many bastard children of the god Zeus. The character was originally played by Harry Hamlin and as you can see, Worthington’s take on Perseus is a lot grittier.

Take a look at the full Empire cover…


This latest issue of the movie magazine is on sale now and features more than its fair share of blockbuster news. There’s a retrospective done on the 30 year old Alien saga, a New Moon exclusive from director Chris Weitz, and Robert Zemekis discusses his work on the upcoming 3-D film, A Christmas Carol.

I’m not sure how long I can wait for a trailer let alone the actual Clash of the Titans film to be released. I’ve seen photos, I’ve seen behind the scenes featurettes, but I need a teaser! Sam Worthington makes that skirt look good.

What do you think of Sam Worthington on the cover of Empire Magazine?