Music video turned feature film director Marc Webb has gained plenty of acclaim for his debut film, 500 Days of Summer. With one of the best reviewed movies of the year, it’s no surprise that Webb has been tapped to take on a new project in the same spirit. The film is Just Another Love Story, an American remake of the Danish thriller that was originally directed by Ole Bornedal in 2008.

According to THR, the story for Just Another Love Story centers on “a crime photographer who pretends to be the boyfriend of an amnesiac, only to face the wrath of the actual boyfriend when he finds out about the deception.” One of the overseeing producers on the film is James Mangold, who is currently directing the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film, Wichita.

The premise for Another Love Story may sound like a romantic comedy (Sleepless in Seattle), but the story takes some pretty dark turns. The previous film was categorized as a “thriller” for a reason. Even though 500 Days of Summer isn’t a lighthearted comedy, this project will definitely serve as a challenge for the new director.

Webb has also been attached to helm the remake of the rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar for Universal. Both films are on opposite ends of the movie spectrum in terms of tone and subject matter, so he’ll have plenty of interesting material to work with.

What do you think about Marc Webb directing Just Another Love Story?