halloween 3-d

Oh no, how can this these be? According to DeadlineHollywoodDaily, the Weinstein Co. has stopped pre-production on the upcoming sequel, Halloween 3 in 3-D! The cause for the abrupt decision, was due to a combination of scheduling issues, creative differences, and budget concerns. What does this mean for the future of the franchise?

According to Nikke Finke’s sources, the Halloween 3 script was sent over to Dimension last Friday, and it was the first draft the studio had ever seen. Also, we’re nearing October and the Weinsteins are pushing for the film to start production in November, because director Patrick Lussier needs to be free by January to work on another project.

Speaking of Lussier, there’s a rumor going around that he was in a budget battle with the studio over 2.5 million dollars. As of late, the Weinstein Co. hasn’t exactly been rolling in dough, so that story’s not so far fetched.

With all of these factors involved, it’s no surprise that Bob Weinstein pulled the plug on the film’s pre-production because he felt it was “being rushed too fast.” Halloween is now scheduled to begin shooting after Lussier is free, and no longer under such strict time constraints. Therefore, this isn’t the end of the franchise, the studio is just moving around their schedule. I don’t personally care for this series, so my hopes were kind of high on this, but Michael Myers will be back and in 3-D.

What do you think about the decision to reschedule Halloween?