supermax columbia

Don’t get your hopes up Green Arrow fans, this isn’t the Supermax you’re thinking about. Over the past few weeks there has been so much confusion regarding the DC superhero film and the separate prison thriller with the same name. According to THR, the spec script for Supermax (no relation to the Green Arrow) has been picked up by Columbia Pictures.

Supermax is an action horror tale set in a maximum-security prison for the supernatural. The story centers on a skilled prison guard who is re-assigned to Supermax. After a riot erupts, he must join forces with one of the prison’s monstrous inmates in order to survive and fight his way out. The script was penned by Christopher Allen Nelson and Mitch Rouse, and shares no relation with the Green Arrow Supermax script which is supposed to be written by Justin Marks.

This recent production development burns. When can we get Green Arrow? Are Warner Bros and DC afraid of making two films that have “Green” in the title? The Green Lantern is already in pre-production and has Ryan Reynolds as its star, but we get nothing for the other guy. This is wrong on multiple levels. David S. Goyer has been promising fans a Green Arrow film, but with his busy schedule should we believe him?

What do you think of Columbia picking up Supermax? Should they make Green Arrow already?