Today at the press junket for Whip It, the novelist and screenwriter behind the film, Shauna Cross talked a little bit about her upcoming project which will involved the former Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke. Last we heard, Hardwicke was working away on her new adaptation of Hamlet with Emile Hirsch. According to Cross, they’re already working on casting her film If I Stay, which means that they’re either casting really early or that Hardwicke is planning on sneaking in a little “Lovely Bones-esq” coma drama before she starts spouting sonnets.

Here’s what she had to say…

I’m adapting a book that’s called “If I Stay” and Catherine Hardwicke is directing and we’re just about to get it cast. It’s a pretty special little project. It’s kind of… there’s a anedge to it, and it’s funny, but it’s heartbreaking and it’s a little Lovely Bones-esq. There’s definitely a lot of humor in there but it’s definitely more dramatic than I’ve been before. It’s been an amazing experience, it’s an incredible story.

Is there a log line to it?

It sounds kind of odd but basically it’s about a young women who gets in a terrible car accident with her family and it follows the 24 hours of her, outside of her body in a coma, that she sort of looks out at her life and sees the fall out that happens to everyone in the car accident and she basically has a choice of whether to live or die given the tragedy. The thing is — and it sounds so intense and crazy — but the real story and what’s all inbetween is the most crazy and incredible — her parents are these punk rock bad-asses that she’s in the car with and it’s kind of a really fun, offbeat family in the middle of this insanity.

How many drafts have there been?

Two. It’s been crazy special. It’s been crazy charmed so far. Gayle Forman wrote this book and it’s been amazing, we’ll see, it’s been really fast.

Catherine is supposed to be doing Hamlet. Is your project going before that?

She’s attached to a lot of things. It sort of depends on which one lands first. So, I don’t really know where Hamlet‘s at right now. We’re hustling and we’ll see. There’s also the Red Riding Hood project at Warner Brothers, so I don’t know, we’ll see. Hamlet means a lot to her.

What do you think? Will If I Stay be able to get a jump on Hamlet? Does this mean that studios aren’t excited about green-lighting another Shakespeare film? Or is this just wishful thinking on Cross’s part?