Mandy Moore on Disney's Rapunzel

A few weeks ago we told you that singer-turned actress Mandy Moore would be voicing Disney’s newest princess, Rapunzel. Over at Empire, they spoke to the actress exclusively about her recent casting in the legendary role of the fabled character. Disney has been trying to produce this film for years, and it’s been a long time passion project for studio exec, John Lasseter.

Moore appears to be genuinely excited and nervous about her work on the animated film. “I just feel honored to be in such good company. Being a Disney Princess is kind of every girl’s ultimate dream.” Rapunzel will be a big deal for the studio considering it will be their first 3-D musical, and their 50th animated feature. Moore has already begun some of the prep work for her role, and shared a few new character traits we’ll see with this take on Rapunzel.

“She’s sort of the quintessential sassy, feisty Disney heroine. She’s quite modern, quite a curious girl as well,” says Moore of the once-entowered princess. “She’s just coming into her own and is anxious to figure out a way to see the world around her that she’s been kept away from for so many years.”

The film is currently in prep and according to Moore she’s got a ton of work waiting for her at home. Even though I am excited to see Disney bring this story to the big screen, I’m a bit bummed by the 3-D factor. I was looking forward to a reemergence of traditional animation, similar to what they’re doing with The Princess and the Frog. I guess they have to keep rolling with the times.

What do you think about the latest update of Disney’s Rapunzel?