the crazies teaser trailer

A teaser poster has just been released for the upcoming horror remake, The Crazies. It’s a new take on the George A. Romero classic that originally debuted in theaters back in 1973. It stars Timothy Olyphant, Danielle Panabaker, and Surrogates star Radha Mitchell as a group of citizens in a small town plagued by insanity. The film is directed by Breck Eisner, who previously helmed the action flick Sahara, so this shall be interesting

Take a look at the full poster for The Crazies


Haven’t we seen this type of poster for a horror film before? I’m getting a Nightmare on Elm Street vibe. In one of the sequels I remember the Elm Street sign popping up and Freddy writing over it “Welcome to Hell” or something like that. I do like the irony of the phrase “Friendliest Place on Earth,” being covered by “Help Us.” It takes me back to when I visited Disney world in 8th grade, I wanted out, so I know the feeling.

The Crazies is scheduled to hit theaters on February 26, 2010.

What do you think of the teaser poster for The Crazies?

Source: ShockTillYouDrop