iron man 2 justin hammer photo

Sam Rockwell will be facing off against Robert Downey Jr. in the upcoming sequel, Iron Man 2. So much hype has been surrounding Mickey Rourke‘s villain Whiplash, that we’ve almost forgotten about the corporate creep, Justin Hammer. Over at IGN, they got a few newsworthy quotes from Rockwell regarding his devious character’s place in the film.

When describing Justin Hammer, Rockwell stated that he goes head to head with Tony Stark on a personal and a professional level.

“He’s a rival of Tony’s – they are competitors in the weapons industry. I team up with Mickey Rourke and we decide we want to take him down and take down the Stark legacy. He’s sort of like a cousin of the Charlie’s Angels character I played. The smarmy cousin. But it’s Mickey – he does the fighting and the kicking ass in the film.”

For those of you who haven’t seen Charlie’s Angels (spoilers ahead), Rockwell stars as an innocent victim claiming to need the Angel’s help, but turns out to be the bad guy in disguise. It appears that in Iron Man 2, he will once again be the brains behind the operation, while Rourke is the featured muscle.

Rockwell went on to describe how it felt working with so many talented people on the Jon Favreau film.

It was great… it was a good time, a lot of fun” he explained of his work on the blockbuster sequel. “It’s like the all-stars; like the globe-trotters or something. It does feel like you’re passing the ball with Michael Jordan and then onto Larry Bird.”

With so many more stars the second time around, and the success of the previous film looming, there is a lot of pressure on Iron Man 2 to deliver. We’ll find out for ourselves if it can live up to the hype when the film hits theaters next year on May 7th.

What do you think of Sam Rockwell playing Justin Hammer?