MySpace has just released the new teaser trailer for director Samuel Bayer’s new adaptation (which I’m beginning to think is more of a direct copy with a few scenes added) of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Fans of Wes Craven’s 80′s classic by the same name will note that they have a lot of throw backs to the original film. In fact, they’re not even throw backs, some shots are almost directly copies from the original film (anyone else being reminded of Gus Van Sant‘s Psycho right now?). If anything that tells you how well the first film still stands up today, but also makes you wonder about the remake.

You may notice that there is a character missing from the trailer. Kellan Lutz’s character, Dean isn’t from the original film, although maybe he’s taking the place of Johnny Depp‘s former character Glen Lantz? Nancy and Marge Thompson are back again from the original cast along with another of familiar faces.

Check out the trailer below…

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This is a good trailer, but the problem is, is that all the best parts are from the original, and if that’s the case, then why not just re-release the original in theaters again? The use of the original song that haunted my generation for decades to come is amazing, but it belongs with it’s maker back in the 80′s.

Maybe I’m wrong. It will be great to see what Jackie Earle Haley is able to do with the role and what new spin he puts on it.

As he said himself at Comic-Con…

…it’s definitely a scary process trying to step into the shoes of Robert Englund, who has owned this character for decades. He’s done a brilliant job with it. His embodiment, his performance, is what makes Freddy who he is. So the challenge now is going back in time and paying homage to this first movie and rebooting it. It was kind of important again to have these qualities that you’re familiar with, like the sweater and the hat and the glove, things that we know, but yet, also to try to find a freshness and a newness to this re-envisioning… Sam [Bayer] and I were coming from with it is darker, more serious, less jokey, and hopefully scarier and more intense.

You can check out the full interview if you want to hear more about how he adapted Freddy for the modern big screen.

What do you think about the teaser trailer? Do you think it’s just cashing in on the first film or will it be a good film on its own?