Amanda Photo Saw VI

It’s just not professional to start an article with “ahhhhhh,” so I won’t degrade myself to that level, even though it’s how I honestly feel. Over at BloodyDisgusting, they’ve posted an exclusive photo of Shawnee Smith aka Amanda in Saw VI. After seeing the first few installments of the Saw series, I was under the impression that she bit the dust a while ago. But somehow she’s back for more.

Check out the full size photo of Amanda in all her Saw glory…

amanda photo full

Last week, we posted a photo of Tobin Bell from the film and one of our readers was gracious enough to explain to me how he was still active. I stopped watching the films a long time ago so I don’t have a complete understanding of why certain characters are still around, specifically Amanda and Jigsaw. In this case what the hell is Amanda doing here? Is this a flashback? Didn’t she die right before Jigsaw near his deathbed?

Can someone explain to me how she’s still an active part of this series?